Patterson Mutual Lending
About Us

Patterson Mutual Lending is a North American lender based out of San Francisco, California. Patterson Mutual Lending has been providing financial products to borrowers across North America, since the company’s inception in late 2005. Patterson Mutual Lending strives to provide quality loan products to borrowers all across the lending spectrum. It is the belief of our company to give fair and equal treatment to all prospective borrowers, regardless of their prior credit history. By providing loans that meet the specific and direct needs of each individual borrower Patterson Mutual Lending is able to create a positive lending environment that is beneficial to both the borrower and lender. All loans are negotiated with fair interest rates and monthly repayments that are specifically tailored to meet the immediate and future needs of each borrower. Creating fair lending opportunities give clients the opportunity to pay back their loan obligations in an easy manner. This lending principal is especially useful to those borrowers with less than perfect credit as, it provides access to much needed funds, and the opportunity to re-build their credit rating.



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